Ital-Cal Horse Management was founded by Dr. Paolo Romanelli in 1984 with one goal: to connect Italian and American thoroughbred horse racing. After relocating from Italy to California, the opportunity to pursue this goal presented itself.

Dr. Romanelli, a native of Pisa, Italy, descends from the Regoli family, one of the most well-known families in the Italian horse racing industry. Dr. Romanelli's great-grandfather, Luigi Regoli, worked as an assistant trainer to the famed Federico Tesio, one of the most important breeders of thoroughbreds in the history of the sport.

Now living in South Florida, the Romanelli family strives to maintain its historical position in thoroughbred horse racing through Ital-Cal Horse Management. Specializing in all aspects of horse and jockey management, Ital-Cal has proven to create successful business relationships with every level of the industry, in all parts of the globe. As Dr. Romanelli’s three sons become older and more knowledgeable on the business of thoroughbred racing, they take on a continuously growing role in Ital-Cal. The family will continue to uphold the legacy that Luigi Regoli started, all while ensuring success for those involved.